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by , March 6, 2012

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We are pleased to announce that our survey instruments are now available for download and use. As part of our open research approach, we have released the survey instruments, corresponding survey codebooks, and the survey methodology report for other organizations and research projects to use and adapt for public access ICT survey needs.

The user, venue, and non-user survey instruments and codebooks are available for download in our web library. Free registration and sign-in is required for instrument and codebook downloads. The methodology report can also be found in the web library.

Download (with registration)

User survey: instrument & codebook

Venue survey: instrument & codebook

Non-user survey: instrument & codebook

Methodology report: Global Impact Study surveys: Methodologies and implementation

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These are project updates made by members of the Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA) at the University of Washington Information School. TASCHA is responsible for the implementation for the Global Impact Study.

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2 Responses to “Survey instruments available”

  1. Rita Barrett Says:

    I would like access to your website to review instruments for research. I teach undergraduate research methods courses. As an exercise in the lower level course (for informational purposes)and an encouragement in the upper level methods course, I have my students search for published research instruments relevant to their research topic . We’ve used the typical databases (i.e., ETS and Measurement Yearbook), but I thought I’d search for other websites offering free downloadable instruments. Glad I found you! Much appreciative!

    Rita Barrett, PhD
    Assoc Prof and Dept Head-Behav Sci
    Univ Arkansas Fort Smith

  2. Melody Clark Says:

    Great, Rita! Please let me know if you need any assistance. All of our instruments and data can be found here:

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