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by , December 6, 2011


Benefit cost analysis components of the Global Impact Study

One of the research questions the Global Impact Study is considering is the relationship between the costs and benefits of providing and using public access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). Understanding this relationship is important for governmental and non-governmental decision makers who fund or are thinking about funding public access ICT venues. There is a multitude of approaches in the cost-benefit analysis field for examining this issue, as well as a multitude of perspectives from which it could be studied. The Global Impact Study is employing three different methods to estimate the use and non-use benefits of providing public access to ICTs and examine how these are distributed by geographic and demographic characteristics. Tyler Davis, PI for the Benefit Cost Analysis in-depth study, describes the three methods.

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by , April 2, 2011


Cost benefit analysis of public access venues in Chile

Given the proliferation of public access venues, such as cybercafes, telecentres, and public libraries, in developing countries, it is important to understand what value and perceived costs users associate with using and having access to these venues. By employing benefit cost analysis (BCA) methodologies, this in-depth study will explore the costs and benefits of providing and using public access information and communication technologies (ICT).

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