In-depth Study Reports

Seven in-depth studies were conducted as part of the Global Impact Study to investigate salient and contested issues of public access. While the main findings of each in-depth study are summarized in the overall final report, each study also produced a full research report and a two-page research summary. Please find the reports and research summaries linked below.

StudyAbout the studyFull research reportTwo-page research summary
Collaborative Knowledge Sharing About Collaborative Knowledge SharingCollaborative Knowledge Sharing research reportCollaborative Knowledge Sharing research summary
Cost Benefit Analysis About Cost Benefit AnalysisComing early 2014Coming early 2014
Infomediaries About InfomediariesInfomediaries research reportInfomediaries research summary
Interpersonal Communication About Interpersonal CommunicationInterpersonal Communication research reportInterpersonal Communication research summary
Mobile Internet About Mobile InternetMobile Internet research reportMobile Internet research summary
Non-instrumental Uses About Non-instrumental UsesNon-instrumental Uses research reportNon-instrumental Uses research summary
Sustainable LivelihoodsAbout Sustainable LivelihoodsComing early 2014Coming early 2014