Inventory Database

Inventory database web application

Features of the inventory database include location, classification, and other descriptive data about public access ICT venues in Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Lithuania, and the Philippines. The database tool allows for various query options through which users can search by country, type of venue, urban or rural public access venues, and more. The inventory data can be viewed as lists, as graphs, and in a map view.

Below is the link to the inventory web application database. To access the inventory database, please create a username and password.

Inventory database

Inventory database source code

The source code for theĀ inventory database is available for other developers to use and adapt.

The web application is written in PHP, using the Symfony framework, with a MySQL database back-end. Accompanying the source code is basic documentation describing the various components of the system. The extent of documentation is intended for individuals with experience deploying these types of environments. Please note that development of the Global Impact Study inventory database has ended. Although most bugs have been addressed, there is the possibility that some remain. As such, please treat the code as beta. This is open-source software licensed under the terms of theĀ GNU General Public License v. 3.

Global Impact Study Inventory Database Source Code