TASCHA is pleased to make all of the Global Impact Study’s survey instruments, survey data, and other resources publicly available as part of our open research approach. You are free to use and adapt all resources according to Creative Commons license BY-NC-CA-SA 3.0.

Survey resourceUser surveyVenue surveyNon-user survey
Methodology reportMethodology report - all surveysMethodology report - all surveysMethodology report - all surveys
Sampling strategiesUser samplingVenue samplingHousehold sampling
Respondent sampling
InstructionsUser survey instructionsVenue survey instructionsNon-user survey instructions
InstrumentsUser instrumentVenue instrumentNon-user instrument
Data entry templatesUser templateVenue templateNon-user template
Data - CSV formatUser data - CSVVenue data - CSVNon-user data - CSV
Data - SPSS/SAV formatUser data - SPSS/SAVVenue data - SPSS/SAVNon-user data - SPSS/SAV
CodebooksUser codebookVenue codebookNon-user codebook